Are you being the best leader you can be?

In these difficult times we are all called upon to do more with less, whilst keeping employee engagement high.  Exemplary leadership has been shown to deliver direct improvements in business performance.  I work with senior managers, directors and teams to improve their effectiveness in how they manage, lead and impact others - what is called 'Leadership Development'.

One of the ways to achieve this development is through Coaching.  I will work with you to deliver yet higher level results, by finding practical ways to help you perform better, by:

  • raising your self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • improving your ability to inspire, motivate and influence others
  • getting you to think and behave more strategically
  • giving you greater confidence and hence, personal impact
  • enhancing your capacity to manage change

, is focussed on your unique leadership development needs when they are most pertinent.  I act as a guide, challenger, confidante and mentor; working with you to develop strategies that are relevant to your needs.

I also offer COACHING TEAMS whereby we explore group behaviour and establish effective ways of working as a team.

Ian's calm, helpful and insightful manner makes the journey towards greater self awareness a real pleasure!  I feel I know myself better and can understand others better.  My team are really excited about our forthcoming team day using MBTI.A Head Teacher

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